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Our Property Management Goals

Our Property Management Goals

At Sound Choice Real Estate Property Management, we have two goals.

1. Take great care of your home!
2. Maximize your investment income!

We treat your home as if it is OUR investment, and we keep our fees low, simple and straightforward.

We do NOT charge leasing fees, tenant renewal and/or placement fees or administration fees.

This is what you can expect from us:

• We hire someone to clean, paint and make repairs to prepare your home for the rental market.
• We advertise, take calls and show the property.
• We screen all applicants with complete background and credit checks, check rental history and talk with previous landlords, and confirm current employment of each tenant.
• We perform (if applicable) pet interviews and ensure each tenant has proper documentation and insurance for their pet.
• We execute rental agreements, addendums, and complete move in/out inspections.
• Our on-call property managers show your home and address maintenance concerns even on nights and weekends.
• We collect rent and confront tenants on tough issues like collecting rent and taking care of the property.
• We collect all NSF fees and late fees when necessary.
• Although we find this is rare, we are able to take care of processing evictions and the collections process should the need arise.
• We schedule and arrange all maintenance issues and use this as an opportunity to have our eyes on your home.
• We perform home inspections to ensure the care of your home.
• We maintain accurate accounting for tenants and owners. We hold security deposits and take care of deposit refunds.
• Our owners are paid through direct deposit no later than the 10th of each month.
• We provide monthly statements to our owners as well as annual tax statements.
• We place new tenants at NO additional charge.
• We are knowledgeable on tenant and housing laws to include military exclusions and rights.
• We retain a real estate attorney who signs off on all lease agreements, notices and legal communication.
• We have full time staff and are AVAILABLE to you and to our residents!

Sound Choice Real Estate has been managing long-term rentals for over 15 years on the Gulf Coast! Our owners net more from their homes and do not have to deal with the stresses of owning rental property.

What our owners are saying about Sound Choice Real Estate:

“My experiences with Sound Choice Realty are on-going and have included the sale of a rental property, and management of two others. It has been positive throughout, and continues that way. Sound Choice is my “Go-To” real estate professional; a clear choice above the rest. Whether it be for a purchase or a sell transaction, or for rental property management, I recommend Sound Choice Realty! There’s no reason to go anywhere else.”

“I have been with Sound Choice Real Estate for 6 years now. Andrew and his team have been phenomenal! He has helped us with everything from getting renters in and ensuring our property is being well taken care of.”

“I recently purchased a property (rental) in Southern Crestview and could not be more happy with the way in which I was helped by Sound Choice Real Estate. Excellent, honest service at a highly competitive price. From the beginning, Andrew and his team at Sound Choice were extremely helpful in this transaction. Although I am from the NW Florida area, we are currently living internationally. Andrew was happy to use his expertise in identifying the property, listing needed renovations/upgrades, laying out appropriate price, and now connecting me to local contractors to carry out needed work. He will then list and manage the property, all without my ever having seen it! I cannot more highly recommend Andrew for his experience, integrity, and determination in ensuring his clients are served in every way possible!”

“Andrew and his team managed our rental property for years and then assisted us with selling the property. He was always able promptly find renters and deal with any maintenance issues while communicating effectively with us. I highly recommend this company.”

“I highly recommend Andrew and his team! I have worked with him for both purchase and rental of real estate. He is one of the best!”

“Fantastic. Fast. Thorough. Competent. Customer oriented. Right price. Far exceeds experience with another company in a different state for the same service. Thanks for all you do.”

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