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7 Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Rent for The First Time

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7 Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Rent for The First Time

Because this will be your first time, you will have the opportunity to spruce up your rental in a way you couldn’t if it was occupied by a tenant. Although major cleaning or repairs may not be required, you should take care of some of the smaller details that make a rental attractive to quality tenants.

Here’s a list of 7 ways to get your property ready to rent for the first time.

1-3: Important and budget-friendly tasks

1. Test and service appliances

  • Turn on the oven and confirm that the temperature reading on the oven is the same as a thermometer reading from the inside
  • Check the pilot light on the water heater to ensure it is steady and blue.
  • Run a load of laundry through the washing machine and dryer to ensure that both are working properly.
  • Make sure that the dryer vents are cleaned out.
  • If you find any problems with your appliances, be sure to have them repaired before renting.

2. Clean and deodorize

The entire rental will need a good cleaning before renting, but especially focus on the kitchen and bathroom areas.

  • Buildup of grease in the kitchen may require strong detergents, such as Goo Gone or Krud Kutter, for removal.
  • In the bathrooms, don’t be afraid to use liberal amounts of disinfecting cleaners such as Old-school Comet Cleaner, Lysol and OxiClean.

Also, don’t forget to make sure that the carpets are cleaned. Odors and stains from carpet can really turn off potential quality tenants.

3. Search for and eliminate mold

Because your rental is in the Niceville, Destin and Fort Walton Beach areas, it is especially important that you search for mold in these areas: 

  • Corners of the laundry room that are always hidden
  • The bathroom tiles and fixtures
  • Because windows tend to fog up quite a bit in Florida, it’s important to check the window sills
  • Dark areas of the house that are rarely seen, such as closets

You can scrub mold with soap and water, but don’t attempt to clean mold out of drywall. Top layer mold that is growing on the surface paint is safe to clean, but mold growing within the drywall should be eradicated by professionals by removing and replacing the affected drywall.

4-7: Upgrades that May be a Little More Costly

If you’re ok with investing—in the neighborhood of $800-$1,200—toward getting your rental ready, the following to-dos should be high on your list so that you can attract tenants who are willing to pay top dollar.

4. Painting the walls

A fresh layer of paint on each room in the rental is a great way to freshen up the space in a way that cleaning can’t. Professional painting costs can range from $300 to $600 per room, but you can substantially reduce the cost by doing the work yourself.

5. Improve curb appeal

If your rental is a detached unit or home, pay close attention to your lawn, garden, and entryways.

  • Paint the front door. Our realtors here at Sound Choice Real Estate would agree that this is one the greatest exterior improvements that you could make to your Niceville, Destin or Fort Walton Beach property.
  • Trim back overgrown foliage that is covering up windows, walk-ways, or hangs over the roof
  • A nicely edged walkway leading up to the rental is one of the most welcoming sights for potential tenants 
  • Plant some nice flowers and bushes that complement the rental

6. Improve the look of the windows

  • Remove the curtains and have them dry cleaned or wash them yourself
  • Replace all torn or bent window screens
  • Have the windows professionally cleaned unless you have the ability to safely do so yourself.

7. Service the HVAC system

It’s always a great idea to hire a trusted A/C contractor to service your unit before your new tenants arrive. Typical service checks include checking the seals in the compressor and blower, replacing necessary filters, and inspecting for small problems that could turn into big ones at a time when an emergency fix is least convenient for all parties.

We hope that you’ve found these Sound Choice Real Estate tips helpful in getting your property ready for rent. If you’d like our help with managing your property please Click Here or give us a call at 850-389-8533 to Contact Us.
Sound Choice offers full-service property management in Niceville, Destin, Crestview, Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing a maximum return on your investment and eliminating hassle and stress.

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