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Safer Property Management During COVID-19

Safer Property management during Covid-19 Niceville Florida

Safer Property Management During COVID-19

Many people are afraid of changing, moving or disrupting their routines during COVID-19 and for good reason. Information may be tough to decipher with mixed messages from today’s media, so here are a few tips to help you and your Niceville Florida rental tenants during this pandemic.

Routine Maintenance

With or without the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are still several routine maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of. Garbage must be removed from the property, landscaping needs to be taken care of, and clogged plumbing needs attention. All of these routine tasks that are key to keeping your Niceville property in good shape, can continue to be done but with caution.

Put together a schedule and notify tenants when someone will be cutting the grass or cleaning the property. This will help to avoid contact between your hired workers and rental tenants. It’s especially important to communicate these items with someone that is moving into your Niceville rental property during this pandemic.

COVID-19 Recommended Guidelines

It is now a well known fact that people can carry and spread COVID-19 and never feel ill themselves. Asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is the scariest method of spread because a person could possibly never know that they’re infected. In the event that someone in your rental property becomes ill there are certain legal guidelines you will be required to follow. It may seem like a good idea to alert everyone that your tenant living in property XYZ has tested positive for COVID-19, but legally you cannot do this.

Disclosing this information could be a possible violation of federal privacy laws and can subject you to liability. While there are no mandatory federal guidelines at this time, there are recommended guidelines from the CDC, local and state health departments.

There could also be terms suggested in the lease agreement that requires a landlord or property manager to alert all remaining tenants of a health threat. Landlords typically follow similar guidelines and protocols, so communication should be very detailed.

Residents should be notified that a co-tenant or worker on the property has become infected and has been encouraged to self-isolate. Continue to follow up with reminders to practice safe hygiene procedures and limit contact with additional people.

Tenant Requests

Although you may want to limit contact between workers and tenants, there are times when an incident requires immediate attention.

An example would be a broken water pipe that requires an emergency visit from a plumber. Not only is a plumbing problem inconvenient for the tenant, but this type of issue can also cause serious damage to possible shared units.

When something like this occurs assure the tenant that all safety precautions are being taken and if possible, ask the tenant to leave the Niceville property while the issue is being addressed.

Need Help? Sound Choice Is Here for You!

We hope that you’ve found these COVID-19 tips helpful in managing your property during this Pandemic. If you’d rather have our team of professionals at Sound Choice Real Estate handle these problems for you please Click Here or give us a call at 850-389-8533 to Contact Us.

Sound Choice offers full-service property management in Niceville, Destin, Crestview, Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing a maximum return on your investment and eliminating hassle and stress.

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