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What Military Families Want in a Rental

Niceville Florida Military Friendly Family Rentals

What Military Families Want in a Rental

Military families are no strangers to frequent packing up and moving. Because it’s very common for these families, it is important to understand this when selling or renting to them in the Niceville, Destin & Fort Walton Beach area. Sound Choice Real Estate would love to help list your rental and have the right family find their new home! Here are some things to keep in mind when starting this process:

Niceville Florida Military Friendly Family Rentals

Military families are a unique market. 

They are used to frequent moving and are often on time constraints. 

Unlike a nonmilitary family, military families do not have the luxury of spending a long period of time picking and choosing the home they need. They often face a much shorter timetable and are ready to move-in quickly. They typically are homeowners themselves and rent their own home while they are on assignment away from their home. They understand the importance of keeping a house in good order and will generally treat your property as if it were their own. Keeping this in mind, cleanliness and fresh paint can help get your property occupied more easily. 

They need to live close to where the military assigns them. 

Military houses typically get rented in a very short amount of time after they are listed. A very smart thing to do is to include the distance from the base to your Niceville, Destin or Fort Walton Beach property that is for rent, including information about the commute as well. 

Small children are often in military families. 

One easy way to help these families get a better feel for the property and have a better sense of it fitting their needs is with the addition of numerous pictures of the rental. Remember that these families are typically coming from an area outside of where you are listing, so oftentimes pictures can help them feel comfortable with their decision and help get the property rented quickly. Take pictures of the inside during the day and let in as much natural light to showcase the property. Information about nearby schools and playgrounds or parks is also helpful to add to the listing as well. 

A sign is one of the easiest and most practical tools you can use when letting others know that your property is for rent or for sale. Place a sign outside of the property to let passers-by and also friends, co-workers, other family members know that the property is for rent or for sale. If the area that your property is available in has many military families, even those families who are already renting can and oftentimes will let other military families know when a property is for rent or for sale in the area. 

Need Help? Sound Choice Is Here for You!

If you’d like some help from our team of professionals at Sound Choice Real Estate please Click Here or give us a call at 850-389-8533 to Contact Us.Sound Choice offers full-service property management in Niceville, Destin, Crestview, Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing a maximum return on your investment and eliminating hassle and stress.

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