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Should I Let My Tenant Paint The Rental?

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Should I Let My Tenant Paint The Rental?

Landlords know that owning and maintaining a rental property can be a lot of work, and painting a rental before new tenants move in is an easy way to ensure that they are happy. White or cream are what most landlords in the Niceville & Destin area choose to paint with because they are the most neutral. In some cases renters get tired of seeing white walls and request to paint the walls themselves.

Should a landlord let the tenant paint the rental? Below is a list of pros and cons for allowing a tenant to paint a property.


When a tenant feels more at home in a rental, a feeling of ownership about the property can come into play and they, in turn, will often treat it as if it’s their own.

When a renter has a good record of paying on time, being clean, and taking good care of a property, a landlord might grant the request of painting as an incentive to the renter. The more at home they feel, the more likely they will be to renew their lease for another year.

Other landlords might hear the request and offer paint colors to let the tenant choose from. This might also entice new tenants by offering a more inviting feel to the property. Having a little freedom to design a space of their own usually makes tenants happy.  


Not everyone has the ability to paint with care and experience like a professional to create a quality looking job. 

Things that can make the walls look worse are roller bumps on the ceiling, accidental drips and spills, and paint marks on the trim.

A lot of Niceville and Destin area landlords turn down improvements, because one request can turn into multiple and can cause problems further down the road so it is simpler to just say no. Some landlords put rules in the lease regarding paint. Paint color approval and/or painting the rental the original color are common clauses. Another rule might be to have a professional painter do the job at the expense of the renter. 

If the landlord feels right about letting the tenant paint, then the answer to the question is yes. If the answer is no, most renters completely understand this decision.

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