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8 Things to Check in Niceville Rental Properties this Fall

8 Things to Check in Niceville Rental Properties this Fall

Seasonally checking on your Niceville and Destin rental properties allows you to identify any small problems before they turn into expensive issues. This fall, set up these maintenance tasks to make sure that your rental property is in great shape. 

Check out the heating and cooling systems 

Twice a year, inspect your heating and cooling systems. Replace the filters, remove anything blocking the airways, and check the heating coils. Make sure you also check the outside units to ensure things are running smoothly out there as well. 

Check the machines in your properties

If you have exercise equipment, washers and dryers, elevators or other machines, check that they are working efficiently and safely within your building(s).  Checking these things also enhances your renters experience.

Keep up the curb appeal

Spend a little on your landscaping with nice looking plants to make sure the property looks its best. If the paint is looking chippy or drab, apply a fresh coat. Also make sure the windows are clean. 

Check all water related items

You can avoid issues before they arrive by checking all sprinkler heads, cleaning debris from gutters, and checking to make sure all downspouts are connected. 

Enhance common spaces

Every several years, replace the carpets or upgrade the flooring. Add fresh paint to the walls and hallways. Maintaining these spaces creates a clean and updated atmosphere. 

Landscape upkeep

Wind damage in Northwest Florida can damage your property if you have large trees or vegetation close to your property. Check to make sure large trees and vegetation are kept trimmed and do not lean against your property. Check all plants, shrubs, and trees to ensure they are not interfering with your curb appeal. 

Check for leaks and cracks

Prevent drafts in windows and doors by replacing any old weather stripping. Look for any cracks around the property and seal them. Simple checks like these can prevent your tenants from complaining of costly electric bills. 

Get your tenants involved

Remind your tenants to check their smoke detectors, air filters and windows, along with anything else that is a tenant responsibility per their lease.

To save money and time in the future, don’t forget to routinely check these maintenance issues with your Niceville and Destin properties. In the short and long term, you will find that your property will stay in better shape.  

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