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4 Ways to Lower Repair and Property Maintenance Costs

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4 Ways to Lower Repair and Property Maintenance Costs

It is important to keep up with regular property upkeep even though it’s not always cheap. It might cost you thousands of dollars to do so, which could potentially eat into your rental income. 

Here are four ways that you can lower your rental repair and property maintenance costs. 

Monitor Renter Selection 

Did you know that you can request valid references before renting your property to future tenants? Some renters leave their previous property completely trashed with up to thousands of dollars in repair costs. A quick call to their previous landlord may save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. And while some owners do not do so, you should carry out a complete background check on your possible future tenants. Doing these few things alone could save you a nice amount of money down the road. 

Do Precautionary Maintenance

Spend a little bit of time cleaning out the gutters, checking the heating and cooling systems to make sure they’re in working order, testing smoke and fire alarms, and checking for water leaks. While tasks like these may seem tedious and time consuming, being proactive could save you in the future from unexpected issues and problems. 

Work with a Dependable Vendor

If you are unable to do checks on your rental properties yourself, it is important that you find a reputable vendor that can help perform these tasks for you. Finding a dependable contractor to work with can ease your mind knowing you are dealing with someone who is experienced and can finish tasks quickly and reliably. 

Answer Any Maintenance Requests Promptly

When your tenants sign their lease, they are in full agreement that the property is both functional and habitable for them to live in. They anticipate the property will contribute to their quality of life, not hinder it. So if they were to return home and find that something is leaking, or their air conditioner is broken, or they have an infestation of bugs, it would most definitely affect their happiness and contentment moving forward. It is important to answer all problems and maintenance requests as quickly as possible. 

Responding quickly not only saves you money, but it can also avoid these problems from escalating and turning into even larger issues. Lowering your rental repair and property maintenance cost is an intentional process that brings long-term benefits.

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