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21 Tips on How to Cool Down a Space Without Using Air Conditioning

Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer Northwest Florida

21 Tips on How to Cool Down a Space Without Using Air Conditioning

Most Florida residents like their house to be nice and cool in the summer, which means having the air conditioning blasting all the time. But the cost of having the air constantly on can get a bit excessive. With temperatures rising each passing day in the summer, you may be left wondering how you can cool home without running your air conditioning all day. Below are some tips and tricks to keep your temperature and air conditioning bill down!

How to Use Fans to Cool Down a Room

Fans are one of the most popular ways to cool down a room without AC — and for good reason. They’re cost-effective and can take the edge off of the draining summer heat. Here are some tricks to make your fans work more effectively.

1. Know your fan direction

If ceiling fans are running clockwise, they are pushing warm air down. A ceiling fan that is turning counterclockwise will circulate cool air. There is a small switch that you can locate on your fan to change the direction that it runs to ensure you’re using it appropriately for either winter or summer.

2. Place fans properly

Most people think that placing one fan in the window to blow cool air in will cool a room down. You’ll actually need a couple of fans to properly cool the room down. You’ll need one fan to be placed in the window to blow the cool air in and another facing outward to blow hot air out and improve circulation.

3. Get a tower fan

A tower fan is taller than a normal fan and thinner as well. By oscillating left to right, the fan can cool down an entire room. While sitting down, a tower fan can mimic the feeling of a cool breeze because it’s tall enough to cool down your entire body. By placing the fan in a corner, you can cool down a room adequately. 

4. Use a rotating fan

To cool down a large room or space with a single fan, an oscillating fan is the way to go. These types of fans give you the option to focus on a single spot or cool down an entire space at one time.

5. Place your fan on the ground

We all know that hot air rises, so placing a fan on the ground and pointing it up will push cooler air upwards. When you combine this method with other fans, it can help keep the room cool by circulating the cooler ground air throughout the room.

6. Ice

On those extra hot days when you just can’t seem to beat the summer heat, try this DIY air conditioning hack. Grab a large bowl and fill it with ice and then place it in front of your fan. Add a towel underneath to catch any condensation. The ice in front of the fan will create a wonderfully cool breeze while cooling down the temperature in the room.

How to Use Windows to Cool a Room

One of the biggest offenders of letting the temperature rise in your place can be your windows. Below are some tips to learn to use your windows correctly and more efficiently to help cool your space.

7. Buy blackout curtains

By using energy efficient blackout curtains, you’ll be keeping the cool air in and the warm air out. These types of curtains keep the sun and heat out of the room during the sun’s hottest hours.

8. Shut your doors

Keep curtains closed and doors shut to rooms that you’re not occupying. By concentrating on cooling a smaller area, you’ll be able to cool down the space more efficiently.

9. Close your windows during the day

Letting the cool, fresh air in at night is dreamy and can help keep the temperature in the room down by letting in a slight breeze. But, if your window is facing the east, you might wake up to the temperature in your room close to, if not hotter than what the temperature is outside. Be sure to close your window first thing when you wake up to help you not have to play catch up in cooling your room down throughout the day. 

10. Use sheets in your windows

If blackout curtains are out of your price range and you have windows that feel like they are cooking your room, you can still make your room cooler. Use an extra bed sheet or go thrifting for some sheets and hang them in your windows for DIY curtains on the cheap.

11. Go thicker

If your curtains are too thin, or if you’ve tried the bedsheet method and it’s not working as well as you’d like, add an extra sheet. By doubling up or using a thicker bed cover like a duvet or comforter, you’ll be close to copying a blackout curtain. 

12. Use laundry wisely

Your dryer gives off an abundant amount of heat which will not help you cool a room down at all. Instead of using the dryer to dry your clothes, use your windows and hang them up in front to dry. This will save you money by not having to use your dryer and also the clothes can act as curtains blocking out some of the sun.

13. Utilize the shade

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west so by starting your day off in the west facing side of your place, you’ll dodge the sunbeams that light up and heat up the eastern part of your home. Once the sun starts to set, you can switch back to the eastern side which will now be in the shade.

Tips if Your Air Conditioning Bill Gets Too Expensive

Electricity is one of the biggest factors that can cause your house to heat up. Here are some tips to help keep your energy bill low and your rooms cool throughout your day.

14. Turn off the lights

North facing windows are great at letting natural light in. Whenever doable, try to use the most natural light that you can. Light bulbs give off heat and use electricity. Turning lights off can help reduce the heat in your home and reduce your electric bill.

15. Change to LED lights

LED light bulbs cost less to run and give off less heat than traditional light bulbs. In the summer months when the heat is the highest, try switching your light bulbs out to the alternative LED lights.

16. When not in use, unplug!

Did you know that even if something is turned off but plugged in it still produces energy and heat? The device is always in standby mode so that it can be used the moment you turn it on. This is costing you extra money because it’s using extra electricity and also giving off heat in the process. It’s wise to unplug certain items until you need them in the moment and then can easily plug them in. Things like the refrigerator or freezer should always remain plugged in.

17. Use your grill

Even with a fan pointed at your oven on the hottest of summer days, it’s smarter to avoid cooking. You’ll be circulating hot air instead of cooling the area off. If possible, utilize your grill, toss a nice salad together, or make a sandwich.

How to Cool Down in Order to Sleep

Trying to fall asleep in a hot room can be unbearable. The endless tossing and turning, flipping the pillow over to the cooler side, throwing the covers off — you can only do this so many times before you’ve become completely frustrated and you’re now unable to sleep. Here are some tricks to help you cool down while falling asleep.

18. Change out your bedding

Lighter bedding like cotton and linen can help keep you cool by regulating your body temperature. If you have fleece or flannel blankets that you used in the winter, make sure you switch them out when the temperature starts to rise. They will make your nights incredibly hard to fall asleep because they will make your body hot in an already warm room.

19. Get low while you sleep

If you have a two story house, the lower level will be cooler at night making it a better part of the house to fall asleep in. If this is not an option for you, try to lower your bed closer to the ground. This will reduce the amount of hotter air moving around you as you sleep.

20. Try wet wash cloths or ice packs

Your wrists, behind your knees, feet, and neck are areas on your body where your blood vessels are closer to your skin. You can help cool yourself down quickly by placing a cold, damp washcloth or ice pack on these areas. This is a great idea to help you cool down quickly at bedtime, or any other time of the day when you need to drop your temperature down quickly in a hot room.

21. Keep hydrated

Drinking a nice cool glass of water can help lower your body temperature before you go to sleep. Drinking water throughout the day will also help you keep your body temperature regulated so that you avoid becoming dehydrated.

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