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How Do I Know If I Need To Hire A Property Manager?

Do I Need a Property Management Company

How Do I Know If I Need To Hire A Property Manager?

Do you have multiple rental properties? Do you own an apartment building? Are you considering turning several properties into rental units? Here are some of the top reasons why you should start to consider hiring a property management company. 

1. Do you find yourself answering phone calls in the middle of the night for broken water pipes, heaters, air conditioning units?

2. Having trouble remembering when your friendliest tenant paid their rent?

3. You have renters with pets but didn’t know that there are such things as pet deposits and pet agreements. 

4. If you plan on moving out of the city or state but intend to keep your rental properties. 

5. Do you know what your NOI (Net Operating Income) is or how to calculate it?

6. Are you spending more time at your rental properties dealing with maintenance issues and/or coordinating maintenance appointments than spending time with your family?

7. Do you own multiple properties and are just remembering that a tenant has moved out several months ago and the place is sitting empty?

8. Are you familiar with what it means to be under rent control?

9. You have a renter that has moved out but the only free time you have to turn it over with paint and a deep clean is weeks from now. 

10. Do you know how much a single family home or studio apartment should be generating in rent a month? 

All of these questions and points are all completely valid questions to ask yourself when the thought comes to mind, “Do I need to hire a property management company?”. Property management companies do more than just collect rent and make sure a dripping sink is fixed. Investment properties each require a great deal of time and energy and if you’re not ready or able to take on the responsibility to manage them properly, hiring a property management company would help lift this concern for you. 

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